Second Heart anARK

Second Heart is a practice of a natural belief and service offered by this fellow to persons of the garden planet; to earn our second heart, we have identified a process using our fellows, of which for Small lizards and toads, and some members of my family, is able to achieve a communicable after the flesh life. This process is achieved with the finger and a training, and might someday be done by machine. Arrive alive, do not wait until your dead. Visit a fellow and learn how to achieve the result you are seeking. The service must be done in person.

Some projects being considered for anARK and second heart include:
  • The garden of Souls. This project is constructed as a grave yard. The person can choice to be mummified, preserved, or set in a grave and or crypt and a tree planted on that site, of their choice. The tree, sprouting from the person, is nourished by the flesh of the person, and brought into the tree as it grows and seek out more water and life. This practice is important, in area where there is not men, the tree persist, and so does the flock. The practice is correlated with anARK, and symbolism is the tree of life or rebirth after a fire, flood, or other tragic incident involving the man or individuals. The grave yard, while managed among men, is deeded to earth. The visitors to the area can sit near the tree of their ancestors.
  • Project Afterlife is an interest of this Fellow in Florida, with current work achieving a method to arrive alive before death, and continue after the egg shells are left behind, of the flesh. This practice is compared to the traditional catholics, who each week nourish the soul with a figurative bread (food) and water or wine (blood), to achieve life after flesh. The Fellow in practice for Florida is Michael, and the methods for attaining life after the flesh are achieved with.
  • Cremation is not permitted. The body should return to and nourish the earth. Men or women who refuse those final wishes or burial, risk a wrath unseen.
  • A spirit guide, a fellow or priest of belief is to meet the passing soul, if a person in their family has such belief.
  • The a copy of the perspective bible and works of that person, should be laid to rest with their tools, among other artifacts they request.
  • If a crypt is selected or other storage and display of preserved remains, the adherence to the traditional belief, ARK with +Belief, Like Ark with selection Catholic, should remain as altered by their last requestsfor burial, and the rite they have requested.
  • Mummification is permitted, and acording to the belief of the person.
  • Cyrogenics is permitted, where needed.
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